The HEXOshelf cells come in two sizes, regular and XL. Both sizes can be assembled in the same fashion. The regular HEXOshelf is perfect for those smaller items that manage to disappear when you need them most, while the HEXO XL can handle bigger jobs like shoes or sports equipment.

The HEXOshelf has gone through a few changes. Its new design allows for better quality at the same affordable price.

The HEXO Clips are now easier to attach and stronger than ever. The new shape looks better on the shelf and its design grips onto panels easier.

Our wood panels are now cut with a precision Co2 laser giving them the perfect edge to fit into our custom clips. No more splintering or sharp edges.

The new HEXOshelf wood panels are strong and beautiful. The panels are cut from birch to the exact shape needed to build each side of our hexagon design.

 Our shelving system allows you to build the perfect shelf to fit your needs. If you find yourself in need of more storage space, simply purchase additional pieces to grow your collection accordingly. 

The assembly process requires no tools or adhesive. Each wooden panel slides easily into the HEXO clips and is held tightly by their beveled shape. Want to change the shape of your shelf? No problem, the panels slide out of the clips just as easily.


ApexTek Labs. is an engineering design firm based in Downtown Gainesville‚Äôs vibrant manufacturing district.  Our company was founded in early 2015 by Augi Lye, a highly-skilled engineer and serial entrepreneur having founded several successful companies.  ApexTek has a team of brilliant engineers, developers, and designers bringing new ideas to life every day!